URCap - Fieldbus Monitor

UR+ certified commissioning and diagnostic tool for UR robots. Reduce the commissioning time and find errors in the communication interface in no time at all.

  • Observe the entire fieldbus interface
  • Supports Profinet and Ethernet/IP
  • Shows user defined I/O names set in the installation
  • Set outputs directly from the URCap
  • Detect configuration faults and missing signals quickly
  • Quick access via the toolbar
  • Licensing without hardware
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
URCap - Fieldbus Monitor
URCap - Fieldbus Monitor preview
URCap - Advanced Palletizing preview

URCap - Advanced Palletizing

Extends the palletizing functionality of the UR robot to implement even the most complex palletizing tasks quickly and easily.

  • Configurable pallets
  • Flexible program structure (no rigid tree structure)
  • Access via variables
  • Manually approach pallet positions
  • Offset pallets
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.9 and above
URCap - Advanced Palletizing

URCap - VNC Server

Remote access to the UR robot from anywhere on the network. Get an overview of the current status of the robot in no time and provide assistance from a distance.

  • Remote assistance
  • Remote programming
  • Safe connection parameters
  • Data transfer
  • Only one active control point (ISO 10218)
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
URCap - VNC Server
URCap - VNC Server preview
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