URCap - Fieldbus Monitor

UR+ certified commissioning and diagnostic tool for UR robots. Reduce the commissioning time and find errors in the communication interface in no time at all.

The Fieldbus Monitor is a UR+ certified diagnostic tool for the fieldbus interface of the Universal Robot during commissioning and later in production.

It is the ideal tool for testing communication with an external PLC and detecting configuration problems at an early stage. Each fieldbus register data type is clearly displayed in its own tab in which the inputs and outputs can be browsed separately. By selecting an output and pressing the value button, each output can be flexibly assigned to a test value.

In production, it is super helpful to quickly identify missing signals or other problems with the fieldbus communication to sustainably reduce downtime.

How does it work?

The Fieldbus Monitor connects to the RTDE interface of the robot and cyclically reads the status of the fieldbus registers. After the URCap is installed, the Fieldbus Monitor can be found in the installation tab in the URCap section. Each register data type has its own tab. I/O names that have not been defined are grayed out so that the signals used in the program can be recognized easily. For testing purposes, all outputs can be selected and set to a desired value with the value button. In order to conserve resources, the RTDE connection is only active when the Fieldbus Monitor is open; in addition, the interface is only updated when a status change has occurred.

URCap - Fieldbus Monitor, Screenshot

Key Features

  • Observe the entire fieldbus interface
  • Supports Profinet and Ethernet/IP
  • Shows user defined I/O names set in the installation
  • Set outputs directly from the URCap
  • Detect configuration faults and missing signals quickly
  • Quick access via the toolbar
  • Licensing without hardware
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
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Current Version v1.3.1

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