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Software experts for industrial robots and PLC controls

Welcome to the software experts at KPI Software! Look around! Below is a brief overview of some of our URCaps such as the Fieldbus Monitor with which the Profinet or EtherNet/IP interface can be viewed directly on the UR Teach Pendant. You will then find further information on how we can support you in programming your industrial robots and PLC controls.


URCap - Fieldbus Monitor

UR+ certified commissioning and diagnostic tool for UR robots. Reduce the commissioning time and find errors in the communication interface in no time at all.

  • Observe the entire fieldbus interface
  • Supports Profinet and Ethernet/IP
  • Shows user defined I/O names set in the installation
  • Set outputs directly from the URCap
  • Detect configuration faults and missing signals quickly
  • Quick access via the toolbar
  • Licensing without hardware
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
URCap - Fieldbus Monitor
URCap - Fieldbus Monitor preview
URCap - Advanced Palletizing preview

URCap - Advanced Palletizing

Extends the palletizing functionality of the UR robot to implement even the most complex palletizing tasks quickly and easily.

  • Configurable pallets
  • Flexible program structure (no rigid tree structure)
  • Access via variables
  • Manually approach pallet positions
  • Offset pallets
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.9 and above
URCap - Advanced Palletizing

URCap - VNC Server

Remote access to the UR robot from anywhere on the network. Get an overview of the current status of the robot in no time and provide assistance from a distance.

  • Remote assistance
  • Remote programming
  • Safe connection parameters
  • Data transfer
  • Only one active control point (ISO 10218)
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
URCap - VNC Server
URCap - VNC Server preview
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We love robots and we breathe SCL

KPI Software has years of experience in programming industrial systems, regardless of whether Siemens PLC controls, Kuka robots or cobots from Universal Robots. We are virtuoso at the teach pendant and ambitiously chase every software bug.

Our team will be happy to support you in all matters that industrial automation demands. Starting with the planning and conception, we support you with our expertise in networked systems with interface designs and feasibility studies and simulations. In addition, we work with you to develop process logics and operating concepts that meet your requirements and stand out through high standards Distinguish reliability and efficiency. With our core competence in the programming of complex control logics, your tailor-made software solution is created. But we are also at your side professionally during production with service calls, training courses or extensions.

The following services are offered ...

Programming Fanuc Robot-Logo Programming Fanuc Robot

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in handling Fanuc industrial robots, regardless of whether they are simple pick & place applications or complex automation processes.

  • Roboguide
  • Simulation
  • Cycle time optimization
  • iRVision

Programming Kuka Robot-Logo Programming Kuka Robot

We are specialists in handling the KRC4 control from Kuka. Our programming is characterized by professionalism, user-friendliness and reliability. We have extensive experience with the connection to master computer systems from Soflex and Procam.

  • KRC4
  • WorkVisual
  • Cycle time optimization

Programming Stäubli Robot-Logo Programming Stäubli Robot

Whether Scara or six-axis robots, our programmers are experts in VAL 3 programming. Conveyor tracking with the FAST picker TP80 is also part of our repertoire.

  • Staubli Robotics Suite SRS
  • Simulation
  • CS8 & CS9
  • Conveyor tracking

PLC Programming-Logo PLC Programming

Our control technicians are specialists in dealing with the TIA Portal. We implement industrial software solutions and develop customer-specific operating concepts / interface creation with WinCC.

  • Configuration with TIA Portal or SIMATIC Manager
  • Fieldbus systems: Profinet, Profibus, IO-Link, ...
  • Programming in STL, FBD, LAD or SCL
  • HMI with WinCC
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Custom-made URCaps for your hardware and software products!

In our URCap forge, we are constantly working on new ideas to further simplify the handling with the UR roboter for us and our customers.

Do you have your own gripping system or special software that should communicate directly with a UR robot?

We would be happy to develop a tailor-made URCap for you with which you can operate your hardware and software products directly on the Cobots from Universal Robot. As a certified UR+ partner and through the development of numerous URCaps for internal and external use, we have acquired essential knowledge from which you can benefit.

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