URCap - Advanced Palletizing

Extends the palletizing functionality of the UR robot to implement even the most complex palletizing tasks quickly and easily.

Thanks to the flexible program structure, the most varied of palletizing tasks can be solved easily and clearly, in addition, the Programming effort significantly reduced.

Even processes with many pallets, no performance losses are to be feared. Subsequent adjustments such as the number of parts on the palette or the processing sequence can be changed with just a few clicks. Each pallet position can be quickly and easily be approached and checked during the programming phase without having to start the robot program.

How does it work?

A new pallet is created and parameterized in the program tree. Now all you have to do is select the desired coordinate system, teach in the starting point and use it anywhere in the program tree with the action node.

URCap - Advanced Palletizing, Screenshot

Key Features

  • Configurable pallets
  • Flexible program structure (no rigid tree structure)
  • Access via variables
  • Manually approach pallet positions
  • Offset pallets
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.9 and above
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Current Version v1.2

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