URCap - VNC Server

Remote access to the UR robot from anywhere on the network. Get an overview of the current status of the robot in no time and provide assistance from a distance.

If the VNC Server URCap is installed, you can easily connect to the robot within the same local network and get a real-time overview of the current state of the robot.

Help a worker in front of the robot without having to be there yourself. Program and control the robot conveniently from a distance. Create Data backups of the robot programs or restore an existing data backup. Don't take a security risk because the VNC Server is designed according to robot standard (ISO 10218), so that only one control point is active at the same time.

How does it work?

As soon as an incoming VNC connection is detected on the robot, access must be granted via a pop-up directly on the robot. View-Only or remote access are now available. After remote access has been granted, it can only be returned to the robot teach pendant by closing the connection, returning it over the client, timeout, or emergency stop.

URCap - VNC Server, Screenshot

Key Features

  • Remote assistance
  • Remote programming
  • Safe connection parameters
  • Data transfer
  • Only one active control point (ISO 10218)
  • e-Series Polyscope 5.8 and above
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Current Version v1.1

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